25 Obstacles - 300 Yards - Winner Take ALL!

APEX Predator Course Dallas


Dallas, TX

$2000 TO THE CHAMPION*****

The format for competition is a NCAA Bracket-Style Championship with seeding and tournament on same day. Initial 25 Obstacles - 300 Yards - Winner Take ALL!

Round 1, Round 2, Semi-Finals and Finals will be on event day. 


JUNE 23, 2018 at 8:00 am



Initial seeding run is based on lottery entry.  Top qualifiers receive BYE seeding along with previous champions (3). Slowest times face off with each other first in Four lanes with winner proceeding to next round. Course conditions and amount of rest change during the event. Obstacles become worn and course is more difficult. Performance affects outcome as there may be shorter wait times between heats for slow qualifications. Initial qualifying dates are listed on registration. Brackets size and winner advancement depend on registrations. More people - longer day, less people - shorter day. If that doesn't fit your schedule, sign up for an easier race. 

This race is designed to find the most fit OCR athlete on earth. This is not a "technique" based event. We don't throw spears or do burpees. To win this you must be an incredible athlete. This is the 3rd year of the event and so far only 3 athletes have even completed the course.....just three

You will see the course the day of the race.  There is not an obstacle list or a map. If you need a map or an obstacle list to compete, again, wrong race for you. The obstacles are traditional military-style obstacles with a lot of athletic ability required to complete 5 times in one day with little rest. Bracket will be published on race day. We will run under the lights if necessary.

We will crown ONE individual champion who will receive up to $2000***. 
There are no age groups, height groups, weight groups, gender groups or any other group. You run, you compete on the same course, 4 wide, fastest wins. We have only one champ. We don't have participation medals; we don't have 2nd or 3rd. You must finish the entire course to be eligible for Championship and Prize money.  Remember.....Just one APEX PREDATOR OCR Champion. 


( ***NOTE There may be a reduction in prize money based on registration. All 512 position in bracket must be full . Prize money is reduced $100 for each empty bracket down to a minimum of $500.00.)

There are no refunds for any reason once registered for this race. Extreme weather, act of God or national/local emergencies will in no way constitute grounds for a refund. Should there be a reason to postpone the race it will be re-scheduled at the earliest possible date and all registration will be automatically transferred. Your registration can then be held for you or transferred to another individual or transferred to any other race on our current or future schedule.


Event details and schedule Event Start Time:

Tournament begins at 8:00 am and goes until we are finished.