Frequently Asked Questions - Course Questions

The materila used for construction of the "upper" portion of the shoe must be leather or some combination of leather and mesh and not neoprene and must not be secured via a zipper but must be laced. We suggest Merrill Moab Ventilator Mid. Great shoe!

DGAP is essentially the “fun run” division. There are no requirements for attire, gender or team size. Enter as an individual in the DGAP division. You can wear anything you want, form up in any group size, wear tennis shoes, wear shorts, wear costumes, take your time and have fun all along the way.

The Trophy/Competitive Division on the other hand, is for competitive participants who are looking to win. All Trophy/Competitive Divisions (teams and individuals) will be wearing “boots and utes” — combat boots and camouflage utility trousers or long pants. All Prize Category participants MUST wear BOOTS that cover the ankle and loose-fitting pants, cargo pants or sweat-pants. If you don’t like that, run in the fun run called DGAP… any attire goes (we suggest boots and pants since terrain is rough) and the course is exactly the same.  We have an individual male and female competitive race with no age groups.

Each course is different; we try to design the course so the furthest you will run is about 1.17 miles during the first part of the race just to spread people out so they won’t get backed-up on the first obstacle. Other than that there will not be more than about a half a mile between obstacles.  

Finish time widely vary but the average person takes around 1 hour for the 5K and about 2 hours for the 10K.

There will not be any mile markers along the course but to give you a clue...each water station is about 1 mile from each other.  If you need mile markers this might not be your kind of race.

There are at least 5 water stations along the course.

Yes.  You can skip the obstacles tha may include swim depth water so technically you don't HAVE to know how to swim is necessary to know how to swim if you want to do all of the obstacles on some courses. There might be areas on the course that require you to swim but there will also be alternate routes, guide ropes and lifeguards in those areas.  Use your head.  If you are not a swimmer and there is water over your head.....GO AROUND. There are alternate routes for those who do not want to swim.

Unfortunately, due to insurance liabilities and other factors before the race, the course CAN NOT be viewed in advance.

Yes. There is a 4 hour time limit.

We suggest working with a personal trainer on a program that will incorporate core strength, cardio endurance and upper body strength. Also look for training tips throughout the year provided by our Director of Get Your Butt off the Couch!

We will have the local fire company (where available) or hoses connected to a shower device to clean you off; however, you will want to bring a few towels and a change of clothes for the ride home. Changing tents will be on-site.

The mud/water depth is different from each obstacle to the next, mostly ranging from one to eight feet deep. All water/mud-based obstacles over 4 feet will have lifeguards on duty.

Yes, EMS will be on site.

If you are competing, you must give each obstacle three attempts. After that, you may continue the race. Failure to complete an obstacle will disqualify you from the trophy prizes. DGAP runners may skip any obstacle.