What is the difference between Trophy/Competitive and DGAP?

DGAP is essentially the “fun run” division. There are no requirements for attire, gender or team size. Enter as an individual in the DGAP division. You can wear anything you want, form up in any group size, wear tennis shoes, wear shorts, wear costumes, take your time and have fun all along the way.

The COMPETITION WAVE on the other hand, is for competitive participants who are looking to win. All COMPETITION WAVES (teams and individuals) will be wearing “boots and utes” — combat boots and camouflage utility trousers or long pants. All COMPETITION participants MUST wear BOOTS that cover the ankle and loose-fitting pants, cargo pants or sweat-pants. If you don’t like that, run in the fun run called DGAP… any attire goes (we suggest boots and pants since terrain is rough) and the course is exactly the same.