Mud Run - Nashville POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 DUE THE COVID-19


Tap Root Farm

4099 Clovercroft Rd

Franklin, TN  37067


POSTPONED until 2021- 

With circumstances continuing to change rapidly around the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic and after careful consultation with local authorities, our venue hosts and public health officials, we have made the disappointing decision to postpone the remaining 2020 Mud Runs until 2021.


We have tirelessly analyzed countless event scenarios with host venues, and industry peers. We have been monitoring pandemic data as well as taking heed of the actions of other race and festival organizers around our event communities. The health and safety of our participants, spectators, staff, and volunteers is unquestionably the most important thing to our organization. But this is still the most difficult decision we’ve ever had to make.

f you need to reach us please email us at: 

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.! 



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The Original Mud Run is a 5K/10K military style obstacle course.  We have two courses! A 5K, 3.1 mile course with 18 plus obstacles and a 10K, 6.2 mile course with 30+ military style obstacles.


All 10K COMPETITION Individuals (BUT NOT DGAP) will be wearing “boots and utes”-combat boots and camouflage utility trousers or long pants (no tights). All COMPETITION Category Participants MUST wear BOOTS that cover the ankle and loose-fitting pants, cargo pants or sweat-pants. COMPETITION CATEGORIES ARE ONLY 10K...THERE IS NO COMPETITION 5K!!!!!!!

If you don't like that, run in the fun run called DGAP Unauthorized attire in COMPETITION DIVISIONS will result in participant’s removal from the competition. Required race attire in COMPETITION Divisions is for the safety of all participants competing at a much faster pace, a leveling of the playing field and is more conducive to the rough nature of the obstacles along the course.

Expect everything you wear to be covered in mud and water by the end of the race. Bring extra clothes and a towel! All DGAP participant are highly encouraged to wear the same attire as the COMPETITION groups but there is no requirement to do so for participation.

DGAP attire is at the discretion of the participant but we recommend pants and boots. DGAP is also the CRAZY COSTUME division. In DGAP there are no requirements to complete all obstacles if a participant does not feel inclined to do so. There are NO DGAP TEAMS..... OFFICIALLY. DGAP is an Individual entry but you can all run together and "call yourself" a team of any size or gender combination. If you want to run with friends in DGAP...register for the same start time!


There are approximately 18-20 obstacles to overcome along the 3.1 Mile course and approximately 34 obstacles to overcome along the 6.2 Mile course, most of which contain water and mud. Although none of the obstacles are impossible, they do require a certain level of strength and fitness and the potential exists for serious injury or death due to falls, trips and crawling. Obstacles can be taken at any pace or skipped completely and thus the course is able to be completed by most anyone.

In the COMPETITION division obstacles must be attempted 3 times, however, if a competitive runner feels unsafe attempting the obstacle, they are encouraged to go around the obstacle. Not attempting the obstacle the required three times will disqualify you from prize eligibility The only exception is with obstacles that involve swimming where an alternate route is available. Should a competitive runner choose the alternate route instead of completing the swim obstacle they will not be penalized as the added run distance will be included in his/her overall time. It will challenge you more as you attempt a greater speed completing it.

Safety will be the number one priority during the event. Participants will be required to conduct themselves in a controlled and serious manner while navigating obstacles. Anyone deemed to be a danger to themselves or others through reckless behavior, will be removed from the obstacle and/or the course.

Volunteers will be course safety monitors and are present on the course. If you do not have the athletic ability to complete an obstacle you are encouraged to skip it. Please adhere to the tenets of the waiver and consult a physician prior to attempting this race. The requirements for stamina, upper body strength and swimming require the evaluation of a fitness professional.  There is a risk of injury and even death should you not be prepared or fail to use appropriate caution while participating in the event.

Registration Fees

Kids Fun Run - $30-$45

First Kids Muddy - $30.00

Starting - 01/02/2020 - $40.00

Starting - 04/15/2020 - $45.00


Adult Registration- $50-$80

First to Get Muddy - $50

Starting - 12/18/2020- $60

Starting - 02/02/2020 - $70

Starting - 04/15/2020 - $80



Packet Pickup

Pre-race packet pick up: TBA


If you are picking up for someone else, simply bring a photocopy of their Photo ID and their signed CONSENT form (below) saying you are authorized to pick up their paid entry (signatures must match waiver and ID).


You MUST have a signed CONSENT and copy of their Photo ID to pick up for someone else and YOU MUST have YOUR ID to pick up for yourself.


We highly encourage each individual to pick up his or her OWN packet during pre-race PPU. However, if you are picking up for a group of 3 or more participants you may experience wait times of 90 minutes or more.