Becca B.

When Becca Bussert’s buddy Curtis was preparing to run the MS Mud Run Jacksonville last year, he asked if she would donate to the cause. Becca had been diagnosed with MS in 2009 so she knew she wanted to help. She even pondered volunteering so she could be more proactive with the disease that had become so personal. Then, suddenly, the light-bulb! “You know,” she thought, “Nothing’s wrong with me (well, not much!). I know how to workout and train hard. And what if I lose the ability to do it in the future? I haven’t lost anything yet. Why the heck shouldn’t I RUN it, too?”

Boo-yah! Becca!

She explains life like this: “You hit some speed bumps,” (or perhaps some giant tractor tires), “and maybe you have to slow down while you pass over them,”  (because your quads are burning and your shoes are slippery from your recent decent into the Hole to Hades), “but eventually you will get by that speed bump.” (or log hurdle).  MS is nothing but a speed bump.”  You said it Becca — nothin’ but a Mud Pit! (That is what you said, isn’t it?)
Becca describes herself as a healthy, active, intelligent young woman. She claims that as long as she is all of those things, she is going to embrace these times that MS hasn’t taken over.

“I am going to celebrate that by doing the MS Mud Run every year that I am able to.” She says, “I am doing it because I can.” 
If you can, donations help fund research toward a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, and help keep people like Becca doing the dirty deed she has learned to love! And if you CAN, then get registered for the next Original Mud Run!

Congratulations, Becca, on completing your second Mud Run on March 26  in Jacksonville!