Brandon R.

Texan Brandon Rosser just conquered his 3rd Mud Run DFW! He keeps registering each season because he says he’s “hooked”. After learning of his experience on the course with last year’s girlfriend, however, we’re curious about his motivation and the use of that word, “hooked”. It is said that the mentioned muddy maiden got her shorts “hooked” on something along the course and the rest of Brandon’s story became too dirty to tell!

Rosser is a big kid who plays ice hockey and rides bikes, but plays grown up occasionally as a programmer/analyst at a bank where he’s been employed 13 years. He’s also a regular DGAP mud runner claiming not only is it more fun, but that the DGAP division is enough of a challenge without the heavy competition. Maybe he prefers to steer clear of the trophy division because those participants are required to wear durable pants that cover the ankle. We wonder if he just doesn’t like running behind people so fully covered with clothing from head to toe? And one might guess his favorite obstacle would be the deep trenches because, as he states, “It doesn’t get much dirtier than that!” It’s for DIRTY dawgs like Brandon that we arrange cold showers from the fire truck in the finisher’s arena.