Bryan R.

Bryan Rigg did it for his grandmother. Not The Original Mud Run — life.

As a dyslexic and ADHD child, Bryan struggled through school, to the point of failing 1st grade. Twice. This “what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger” Mud Runner found triumph through adversity, which he attributes to his “tough and wonderful” grandmother, Edna.

Nicely done, Grandma Edna. 
With the disciplined persistence she taught him, Bryan earned his B.A. with honors in History from Yale University. At Yale, he was awarded the Henry Fellowship for graduate study at Cambridge University, where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. He became a professor of History at American Military University as well as Southern Methodist University. Bryan has also written three books on World War II and the Holocaust.
He and his friends entered Mud Run as a team to enjoy some military-style Camaraderie. “We wanted to hang out and do something we were familiar with during the Marine Corps. We just wanted to have fun”. His reports of being tackled in the muddy water by teammates and a few harmless mud-scraps added to his experience. 
“I train all the time — just stay in shape,” Bryan said. “It was easy — six miles of obstacles is nothing compared to what I have done in the past.”

Bryan works hard at maintaining his athlete lifestyle. He runs 15 - 20 miles a week and does Kung Fu 3-4 times a week. He also lifts weights and trains on the ellipse machine 3-4 times a week.  Plus a little basketball on the side.  “Doing the Mud Run is just part of keeping a healthy life under me,” Bryan said.
Perhaps other Muddy Athletes could draw upon his self-penned mantra mid-race: “Stop whining — you are not in a train going to Auschwitz or in a combat zone.  Life can always get worse.”

This self-proclaimed “nerd” sounds pretty tough. And fun. Kudos Bryan Mark Rigg, for doing The Original Mud Run – and life – with such intensity and tenacity.

Shake what your grandma gave you!