Coach Oscar

“This is the race I measure all other muddy runs against.” says Plano, TX resident Oscar Baeza, Jr. Ever since participating in his first Original Mud Run a year ago, Coach Oscar specifically trains exclusively for this event each season by building on endurance and upper body strength combined. He finds the 10k distance of the Original Mud Run is what makes it much more of a challenge than other races of this nature which are most commonly 5k. But, he admits that the obstacles on this course will test your level of commitment further as well.

Don’t let him scare you off from trying it for the first time though. In fact, maybe he can scare you into registering as a first-timer since he and his buddy, Jake Wade, basically dared one another to do it in the first place. Now, with two muddy seasons under their
fingernails, they continue to recruit friends from Plano in the spring and fall to join them in
conditioning for the next DFW Mud Run.

I bet they’ll be doing pull-ups since he tells us the Gorilla Bar Ropes are the toughest. “When you swing forward to reach for the next “bar” someone else’s weight causes it to swing away from your reach at just the wrong time.” Did you just hear a big splash?

Oscar’s other big nemesis is the Mudslide. (One big, slippery slope aiming you on a quick, slick shoot straight into more deep, yep, you guessed it.) Let’s just say upon landing, he doesn’t like where the mud goes. (Get your mind out of the trenches- we were talking about his contacts.) Well, lucky for him, he crossed the Trinity River three separate times and got cleaned up.

Oscar claims, “The Original Mud Run is for mud runners who want more!”

Great! Put me in Coach!