David F.

Pictured here with his sister, Paige.

Fearless David Fairbaugh of Charlotte is not new to fundraising events, like Mud Run MS Carolinas. Since his sister’s MS diagnosis in 1997, David has completed well over 800 miles in walking and biking events toward a cure.

“We need to find a cure for MS. MS is a disease that affects the quality of life for those who must deal with it. The cure is there- we just have to find it. MS is not an inherited or contagious disease. Anyone can be diagnosed with it at any time. The next diagnosis might be someone you know. That is why we have to get the word out- raise the money, find the cure. Mud Runs are all the rage around the US. We need to keep this event at the forefront until a cure is found.”

For the event this year, David is the team captain of Team Fairbaugh. “It poses a great physical challenge. 10k road races are quite common. A 10k in the mud with obstacles- now that is uncommon! I look at it this way, if a person with MS can get up and get over the obstacles they face each day, I can surely get over the obstacles on this course,” he says.