The English Channel


(‘th? ing-glish\chan-l)
1.    A very long stretch of water
2.    Grem n’ galoshes


Don’t assume this obstacle to be a doddle. If you go in it thinking it’s going to be a leisurely, refreshing gander through the water, you’ll go bloody mad when your legs feel knackered after trudging for a long distance through the Original Mud Run’s English Channel. Up the resistance on the elliptical and be ready to go pound for pound on the course.
Get balanced on the machine. Choose one without the handbars, or if your gym does not offer one, leave the bars flowing free for this exercise so you stay focused on balance and use your core. Spend the first few minutes of your warm-up with the machine set to a very low resistance (3-4) so you can both gradually raise your heart-rate while occasionally adjusting your stance until your feet are most comfortably planted on the pedals. Put variety in the workout by implementing a couple different training techniques.
»  5 minute warm-up
»  8 minutes at high-level of resistance (9-12)
»  8 minutes at low resistance but at almost-faster-than-
    comfortable pace
»  8 minutes at max incline (resistance approx. 7-9)
»  5 minute cool-down