Ginger W.

As 2010 drew to a close, Ginger Weaver was still pondering her goals for the new year to come. A friend of Ginger’s husband began talking about her three adventurous experiences with The Original Mud Run. The stories were so intriguing to Ginger that she found herself belting out loud, “I am go to do one in 2011!”

So, there it was, her New Year’s resolution.

Ginger set her filthy gaze upon the October Mud Run in Houston, joined a gym, and started to workout! “I was overweight and figured if I was going to do the run (and actually be able to complete it), I needed to drop some pounds.” She tells us. “I did machines, treadmill, and classes. I was feeling good, but not losing any weight.” Instead of getting discouraged, Ginger conjured her inner athlete and ramped up the challenge. She went to a weight loss clinic, changed her lifestyle and lost 55 pounds! She picked up the weight training again and was soon walking/jogging a 5k per week. If that’s not a muddy motivational then we don’t know what is!

One challenge conquered, but then, there was the race. “It all paid off!  I did the run, and it was AWESOME!” Her DGAP team name reflected that motivational moment which put her there- swingin from the Gorilla Ropes with teammates Amy Grabill Rivera and Amber Stone, The Resolutions.

Ginger’s favorite obstacle was the last one- not because she wanted it to end, but because that last big climb over the barriers was when she knew she had met her goal. This dirty girl didn’t only tackle our 30 obstacles and 6 mile course, but overcame bigger challenges others never dare put their grubby paws on.