Jeff B.

Jeff Bennett of Coppell, TX is a two-timer- he’s crawled with the lowest in both the spring and fall Mud Run DFW. “I wasn’t interested in the signing up for this in the beginning.” Jeff tells us. “ I figured I had my fill of mud during my time in the US Marine Corps. But we formed a team consisting of friends from the gym, and ended up having a blast.”

Now technical geek by day, Jeff admits both spring and fall runs were great muddy fun, “Tore my shorts, skinned my knee, drank 2 pounds of mud, and laughed the whole time,” but proclaims the fall involved some really cold mud. Fortunately, with the heat Texas has experienced this year, we don’t expect he’ll think it’s the pits this time around!

JB encourages runners to sign up for the DGAP division as a team. “Same course, same fun, same fire hose to wash you down when you’re done.” He explains. “Some of the most fun was our team horsing around in the mud between obstacles. For a lot of people, that is a chance to rest. But for our team, Mud Pigs with Lipstick, it was a chance to get in some mud wrestling and rugby-style tackling. Those knuckle-heads wore me out.”

This month’s muddy runner declares his favorite obstacle is the Slip N’ Slide- a 30 foot slide down a plastic tarp into mud at least 4 feet deep. “It’s the consistency of pudding with an earthy, North Texas flavor. You feel like you make a spectacular splash when you hit the mud. A Tarzan yell or Geronimo howl is appropriate, and should be required during the slide.”
With spring and fall races in both Houston and DFW, The Original Mud Run offers Jeff many opportunities to get his body as dirty as his mind!