Leap of Faith

According to Kierkegaard, the transition from one quality to another can take place only by a “leap” (Thomte 232).

Surely he’s referring to our 8 ft. platform and the change from a state of cleanliness.

(’l?p äv ’f?th)

  1. 8ft platform positioned over a mysterious depth.
  2. Slage flight

Due to the uncertainty of what may or may not lie beneath, the factor here is mental toughness. You can leave your endurance training on the ground for this one while you dig deep to focus on this task before you. Once you’re tired, it’s easy to lose your edge, but this could be the tactic that gets you through.

During your training, write down positive quotes and affirmations you encounter, and put them on your fridge or your bathroom mirror.

Then, try this:

Yoga Pose
Tadasana, begins by centering your attention to the bottoms of your feet. Press hips back and tuck tailbone slightly forward. Breathe deep and then move your hands to the front/above the shoulders with palms facing each other. Inhale again, then bend the knees as you exhale and let your hips move back a bit without losing too much tuck  from your lower back. Hover here a minute as you would over the port-o-potty at your last race. Now is your chance to remind yourself of those positive thoughts you wrote down. When your quadriceps are screaming that you’re finished, don’t give in, hold the pose for three extra inhale/exhales and beat those demons. That’s mental toughness.

Now, if your friend goes and jumps off a platform, will you?