The Mud Rocks!

(and plants, and ice, and clay…)

Mud is often a combination of plant life, water, air and rock. A good ‘ol portion of Ohio, however, was once covered by ice so the most common soils in these regions formed from glacial deposits. But don’t get cold feet before the race! Thousands of people shall consider themselves privileged as they drudge through one of these 400 types of soils scientists say make up Ohio at the Columbus Mud Run on May 28. I guess we’ll see if Columbus can rock out to Ice, Ice, Baby!

Also on May 28, at one fell swoop, another unsuspecting pack of runners will be crawling on their bellies through 40 ft. of the Texas State Black Soils in Houston. This southern mud consists of moderately well drained, slowly permeable, cyclic soils that formed in alkaline clays and chalk of the Blackland Prairies. The black clay is described using words like “slickensides.” Now if that just doesn’t scream Mud Run Slip N’ Slide, then what does?

Springsteen sang, “I was bruised and battered, And I couldn’t tell what I felt. I was unrecognizable to myself. Saw my reflection in a window, I didn’t know my own face.”

Though these aren’t exactly the streets of Philidelphia, it’s possibly true, they may be unrecognizable upon emerging these depths of PA mud!