Mud Will be Flyin'

United States Air Force is Top Sponsor of DFW and Houston

One day prior to Valentine’s Day in 1946, the US Air Force issued bid invitations for a new strategic bomber aircraft. On Valentine’s Day in 1951, Boeing was awarded the production contract for 13 B-52 aircrafts, and exactly eight years later to the day, the most produced B-52 variant, the B-52G, entered service.

February was clearly a month of big announcements for the United States Air Force more than half a century ago, and today, in this Valentine issue, we’ve got some high-ranking news to transmit too! The United States Air Force will be sponsoring the upcoming DFW and Houston Mud Runs. If you’re running in either of these events (DFW on April 14th or Houston on May 26th), you might just need yourself a good wingman because Special Ops selectees will be battling the course alongside members from the 344th Recruiting Squadron of Arlington, TX. These Battlefield Airman may not have their TF33-P-3 turbofan engines yet, but as they await their basic military training, they’re “feeling the need, the need for speed!”

In the Air Force, just getting to work is extreme. They freefall out of an aircraft, operate on airfields with motorcycles, travel cross-country on skis, or climb mountains. So our 30+ military-style obstacles along our slippery, sludgy 6 mile course should be childsplay for these boys, right? “Negative Ghost Rider!”
On April 14th and May 26th, their mission is to GET DIRTY! So, watch your back out there because mud will be flyin!

“Goose, it’s time to buzz the tower!”

Be sure to buzz their booth at the race to meet the recruiters, get information about special operations and over 150 other AF careers, or to simply thank them for their service to our country and our Mud Run!
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