Robin S.

I'm a Mud Run Athlete

I want to be the athlete of the month for your Dirty Laundry!   How can we say no to that!  Robin completed her first mud run last fall in Fort Worth and it left her with a feeling like she was on top of the world!  And after speaking with her she got us pumped up too!

Robin is 39 years young, happily married with 3 rockin kids and was the Dirty star on team Mud Muckers. Each of which were appropriately named Hot (Jill), Wet (Trisha), and Dirty (Robin). And aside from their unique and highly appropriate names (You think we would discourage this type of behavior?), each Mud Mucker is happily married and a mother of three which makes a 6 mile, muddy obstacle course seem like a breeze.

 Oh and throw on the fact that Robin as just coming off of back surgery 8 weeks before and you can see why we had to choose her as our Dirty Girl of the month. Since completing the race Robin has been more inspired than ever and is looking forward to playing with us again in the spring. Her biggest challenge for next year is not to shave 30 minutes off her time but it is to get her husband out to join her. She even has his t-shirt ready which reads, "I am in Love with a Dirty Girl". Robin, like you told us in your email, KEEP IT DIRTY!