The Rope Swing

Not to be confused with a nice little swing set in the park; because if you don’t have the arm strength to hang on, the leg and core strength to push yourself across a 10 foot mud pit, oh and land with a little bit of stability on the other side. Well, you get the DIRTY picture…



(/THe/ /rop/ /swiNG/)

  1. Rope Swing Across a Mud Pit
  2. Hang on For Dear Life



As you know we like to mix up our obstacles along the course, but The Rope Swing is one we like to keep toward the end of race so you are nice and tired when you arrive. And in order for you to muscle up the strength to get across we had our Muddy Diva and Fitness Queen Carla Sizemore recommend a few exercises to keep you clean!

Cable Hammer Curls

  1. Attach a rope attachment to a low pulley and stand facing the machine about 12 inches away from it.
  2. Grasp the rope with a neutral (palms-in) grip and stand straight up keeping the natural arch of the back and your torso stationary.
  3. Put your elbows in by your side and keep them there stationary during the entire movement. Only the forearms should move; not your upper arms. This will be your starting position.
  4. Using your biceps, pull your arms up as you exhale until your biceps touch your forearms. Remember to keep the elbows in and your upper arms stationary.
  5. After a 1 second contraction where you squeeze your biceps, slowly start to bring the weight back to the original position.

Cross Body Hammer Curls

  1. Stand up straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Your hands should be down at your side with your palms facing in.
  2. While keeping your palms facing in and without twisting your arm, curl the dumbbell of the right arm up towards your left shoulder as you exhale. Touch the top of the dumbbell to your shoulder and hold the contraction for a second.
  3. Slowly lower the dumbbell along the same path as you inhale and then repeat the same movement for the left arm.