Sergio Mora

This year, Sergio is turning 35. He wanted to start the year right so he committed to an exercise regimen as his new year’s resolution. Not only did he find a muddy method to celebrate his middle-age status, he’s transformed himself into a super-cool dad just in time for Father’s Day.

“I had always been a fanatic of obstacle courses since the times of the program “American Gladiators” but I was not in the military so I would just dream about completing an obstacle course. When a friend told me about her son participating in The Original Mud Run, I did not delay and registered immediately. It so happened that the 90th day of my New Year’s/P90X program was the same day as the Mud Run.

On race day, I was so excited and so pumped up that I started the race strong and never looked back. Since I had never participated in any marathon or event like this before, I wanted to give it my best. I was part of the 10:30am wave and finished with a time of 1:24:55. I was proud to have finished 46th overall and 39th male as my wife and 2 year old girl cheered me through the finish line. Considering there were 1375
runners, I felt this was a pretty good result for a first-timer!

Needless to say, I am ready for the next Mud Run and hope to finish even stronger next year. The experience was incredible and the feeling of accomplishment was extremely rewarding. Great cause, great challenge and great dirty fun!”