Slip N' Slide

What kid doesn’t love a slip n’ slide in the hot summertime? Release your inner child and let your grown-up cares slip away!



(slip n\ sl?d)
1.    50 ft of plastic fun



This obstacle is all about getting low, and staying light and nimble. Think of this obstacle as your chance to finally get off your legs and sit down. But forget about catching your breath- better yet that you hold it! My recommendation is to hit the lap lanes next time you’re at the gym. Take the stress off those joints and limber up. It won’t hurt since you might need to butterfly out of the deep, DIRTY pool below.
Do 4 easy laps for a warm-up. Then do 8 sets of 2 laps at a faster pace, resting 20 seconds between sets. Then cool down with two easy laps, and maybe a few extra laps with a kickboard. Mix up your strokes, too. The four basic strokes — freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly — use your muscles in different ways. Here are a couple examples of these. Imagine how impressive you might look butterflying out of the muck, dirt running from your nose, strong shoulder muscles glistening in the early morning sun!

More tips

  • Don’t try to go fast when you start. Going fast without good practice usually causes swimmers to swallow a lot of wate
  • Concentrate on increasing stroke length rather than your stroke rate to increase your swim speed. Good swimmers use only a limited number of strokes per lap.
  • Try not to stop in the middle of a lap. You can rest at the end of each lap, but stopping in the middle breaks your rhythm.
  • Use your hands to “grab” more water with each stroke and extend your arms further to push you out of the water. This will help decrease drag and make swimming easier.
  • Try breathing out slowly when your head is in the water. This will help you to only breathe in when your head is out of the water. If you have a lot of trouble breathing when you start, try using a snorkel.
  • Doing push-ups will help build upper body strength and improve the power of your swim strokes.