Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven


(\ster\\-w?\ tü\ he-vin\)

  1. 20 ft tall and 30” rungs
  2. Connect Four



This obstacle stands up to its name as the highest one on the course. While it may have some athletes sinning and others praying for an elevator, it is a totally conquerable feat if you train the right muscle groups. With these lunges, we’ll get low but aim for the sky!

If you’re new to lunges, your quads and glutes will get plenty of attention with a basic lunge.

But, if you really want to earn your wings on judgment day, then try this:

Raise Your Hands and Praise the Heavens Lunge
Holding 5 – 10lb weights while lunging will make both your booty and arms work more. You’ll use more leg to push yourself up each rung of the “Stairway”, but arm strength is a must once the height starts to affect.

  • Bend your elbows so your hands are level with your shoulders, hold the hand weights loosely with your palms turned upward (fingers nearly touching shoulders) and press them straight and slowly upward as you lunge down (heel first, back straight, front thigh becomes parallel with the floor).
  • Firmly push off with the front leg, activating both your thighs and butt muscles to return to your upright, starting position while returning weights back down to your shoulders.

Up the ante: Add bicep curls to backward lunges. As your leg lunges back, bend both elbows, bringing hand weights to your shoulders.