Tire Mountain

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Watch Big Foot and Grave Digger Battle It Out! Not really but just imagine taking a dozen or so of those Monster Truck sized tires and turning them into a steep, rubber knobbed, unstable mountain of mayhem. And then climb up and over them.

1. A Mountain of Giant Tires
2. Don't Go Flat Burning Out Your Thighs

Muddy Tip
Explosive leg strength and balance are key elements to get you up and over the Tire Mountain and that means lunges, lunges and more lunges! I love these as they build your leg muscles, as well as, strengthen your core which keeps you balanced as you traverse the knobby, unstable tires. Here are few lunge variations for you to check out and if you are up to the challenge try holding a pair of dumbbells while doing them.

Forward Lunges
With hands by your side or on your hips, step forward into a lunge. Make sure your knee does not go past your ankle. If you have knee issues, do not go down as low into your lunges.

Side Lunges
Same as above, just step out at a 45 degree angle. Switch legs.

One-Legged Lunge
Place one leg on a chair or coffee table and stretch the other in front of you. Bend your knee to lower you body. Make sure your knee does not go past your ankle. Switch legs.

Moving Lunge
Great exercise. Great Burn. Get into a lunge position. Have your front foot extended forward a bit so your knee is behind your ankle. Then lean your body forward coming up on your back toe and placing your knee over you ankle. Switch Legs.