Top Pun

We Could’ve Used a Good Wingman When Writing the Jokes Last Month

We’re proud to offer a course designed by Marines that will bring together competitors from the US Air Force, Naval forces, as well as teams from the fire departments and police forces, and more. Out there on the 6.2 mile stretch, military branches and civilians of all backgrounds will come together in the name of mud… to battle the obstacles and break through barriers — some in contention for the trophy, and others in pursuit of the most laughs… or bragging rights!

In this spirit, we write every month in hopes of making our readers laugh and, just like the mixing of dirt and water and gravel and sludge, we sometimes “MUDdle” up our puns. As we recognize that Goose and Maverick were training in the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School and were not Air Force pilots, we sincerely apologize to our Naval and Air Force personnel for this editorial error. Hopefully all of you will be more forgiving than our fire truck hose-down at our finish line, because like the inevitable mud pit below our Slip n’ Slide, in the end, we’re all in it together!

Be sure to high-five our top sponsor at Mud Run DFW on April 14th both on the course and at their tent!