Our Little Secret

Coming Clean

The best part of The Original Mud Run is getting dirty. And the only way to do that is to come clean. With that in mind we are willing to reveal some of the obstacles that you will experience along that way designed to make sure you find mud in places that ... well you get the picture. Without being too revealing, as you will see we still have few skeletons in our closet too, here is a preview of some our dirty little secrets, as well as some muddy tips on how to overcome them. But the only way to truly understand is to register and get dirty with us first hand!


Our Skeletons

Got a few skeletons in your closet? So do we but we only reveal them first to those we trust the most. And of those skeletons is we really like to be a tease. Like talking about old boyfriends and girlfriend we are only willing to let you know their names. If you want to be the first to learn more about our dirty secrets then subscribe to Dirty Laundry where we reveal all the details.


Balance Beams
Once Unders
Stairway to Heaven
The Wall
Hanging Log Walk
Over and Unders
The Bog
Tire Crawl
Leap of Faith
The English Channel
Tire Mountain
The Hurdles
Log Walk
River Crossing
The Low Crawl
Web of Lies
Mine Field
Run Forest Run
The Moguls
Window to the World
Mud Pit
The Rope Bridge